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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC-L:1020] Re: Acro/airshow pilot Jim Kincai ...

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC-L:1020] Re: Acro/airshow pilot Jim Kincai ...


Thread: [IAC-L:1020] Re: Acro/airshow pilot Jim Kincai ...

Message: [IAC-L:1020] Re: Acro/airshow pilot Jim Kincaid killed Sat. (fwd)

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From: Herman Dierks <dierks at>

Date: Sun, 21 Sep 1997 20:54:07 UTC


  Good point on the Density Altitude. I was at work all day (inside AC)
 so I forgot about the heat. I know it was still quite hot and muggy
 late last nite.

 I got a call from Allison Parker (our new IAC Secretary).
 She said Jim was her hanger mate. 
 Jim had just moved to Ponca City OK a few months back.
 Allison said she posted a note on the net but I have not seen it.

 She said nobody offered to help Jim's wife at the air show.
 She rode to the hospital in the ambulance and after Jim died,  
 finally a few air show spectators came to offer some assistance.
 None of the Confederate Airforce folks came to help her.
 With the air show going on and all it was probably a zoo. 
 Jim's wife flew back to Ponca City last nite. 

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> Two words can sum up the Unfortunate accident at the San Marcos, Texas
> Airport..."Density Altitude."  I was also flying Saturday, but in Austin
> which is 30 miles north of San Marcos; I was one of the volunteer pilots
> participating in "Challenge Air" program for disabled youth, and was
> experiencing the text book effects of density altitude in a C172, loaded
> very carefully. The OAT was around 98 degrees F with the relative humidity
> very high, resulting in about 100 fpm climb for most of my flights
> throughout the day. I agree with Herman, regarding the extra altitude...he
> almost had it made from viewing the video of the crash.
> At 11:53 AM 9/21/97 -0500, you wrote:
> > FYI, it was reported on TV last nite and in the Austin American
> > Statesman that Aerobatic pilot, instructor and Air Show
> > pilot Jim Kincaid of Lake Ozark MO was killed on Saturday.
> > He was flying in the Airshow at San Marcos Texas.
> > The plane was a Pitts, appears to be a S2B. Painted black or
> > very dark blue with Gold sunburst.  Paper said he was
> > 60 yrs old with 20,000 hrs and 4,000 hours of acro time.
> >
> > I saw the video on TV. It looked like he did a double snap roll
> > on a horizontal line. The second snap recovered into a spin.
> > I looked like he recovered on heading after about 1 turn.
> > He was very low at this point but continued the pull out.
> > He impacted in a flat attitude, did a small bounce an skidded
> > 30 ft or so.  It looked like he should have been able to survive
> > so I don't know what happend to him.  If he had had another 50 or
> > 100 ft of altitude he would have flown out of it OK. 
> > The paper said he died at the hospital a few hours after the accident.
> > 
> > Herman
> >
> >
> >


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