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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC-L:1216] 4-minute


Thread: [IAC-L:1216] 4-minute

Message: [IAC-L:1216] 4-minute

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Date: Sat, 04 Oct 1997 02:38:25 UTC


 Well, I never would have started this 4-minute discussion, but since it's on 
the table, I cannot resist giving a viewpoint:

The 4-minute is a legal way to have an "airshow" within the structure of an 
IAC competition.
I love to see good airshow flying.  I had a steady diet of performing in years 
past, but it would not bother me if the "4-minute" vanished, never to be seen 

In my opinion,  the 4-minute has no place in the arena with  "precision sport 
aerobatics", not to say that it doesn't require skill and talent, but is, in 
many cases self-serving, ego driven, dangerous and at some contests a waste of 
contest time.  I have talked to more than one pilot that said they enter the 
4-min with a blank piece of paper.  As most of us know, practicing strange and 
exotic figures for the first time  at low level can be lethal. During some 
figures, the 4-min pilot could almost be considered a  passenger while his 
airplane tumbles and cartwheels end over end...hoping it will exit with some 
controllability left in it's airframe and engine.

With the advent of the very high-performance airplanes, some of our most 
talented competition pilots have gotten a good case of the wobblies as a 
result of taking themselves to and even beyond their limits. Hubie Tolson and 
Kirby Chambliss to mention only two.  For some, it ends their competition 

After judging our normal categories for three days, try setting down and 
judging the 4-minute.
Throw away everything in the red book, except that which deals with 
Originality, Versatility, Harmony & Rhythm and Execution.  Oh, and for 
crossing the "deadline", just downgrade their execution score.

In summary, the 4-minute belongs at all those great airshow sites around the 
US that we all attend and enjoy.

Good flying!

Paul Logue
IAC # 1247
Chapter 3
N. Judge


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