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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC-L:1267] CASA's Policy on Delegations


Thread: [IAC-L:1267] CASA's Policy on Delegations

Message: [IAC-L:1267] CASA's Policy on Delegations

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From: David Pilkington <djpil at>

Date: Tue, 07 Oct 1997 11:21:44 UTC



Some of you may recall when the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of
Australia delegated PPL's within the Australian Aerobatic Club to act as
aerobatic coaches and low level test officers. For those in the USA you
should realize that normally a CPL with Instructor's Rating is required
to teach aerobatics and the minimum height for aerobatics is 3000 ft.
Low level approvals are required for any aerobatics below 3000 ft. Then
the lawyers got involved and stopped these privileges, although the
Regulations and CASA's internal Instructions still permit it.

I was told by the local CASA Manager that I could still ride along in
the front seat of a Pitts but the pilot must not learn anything at all
from me - because then that would be instructing. I had this uppermost
in my mind shortly after this when I was in the front seat of an S-2A
which went into an inadvertent inverted flat spin. I hoped that the
pilot knew how to recover because I wasn't allowed to teach him!

So, I got my CPL and Instructor's Rating some time ago and have now just
applied to renew my Low Level Aerobatic Test Officer's approval.

At the time I left to go to the USA a fellow called Leroy Keith came to
Australia as head of CASA and we have since seen the process called
"harmonization". For example, the USA's FAR 21 is about to be introduced
in Australia, with a few "improvements", as CASR 21. Just recently Dick
Smith joined CASA's Board and there was a coup resulting in Keith's
immediate resignation. There is likely to be a change in direction.


I'll be representing the AAC on the Project Team with a particular
interest in the role and authority of aerobatic coaches and test

I'll also represent Aerospace Technologies of Australia (part of The
Boeing Company now) with an interest in design authorities - currently
under Regs 22,35 and 36 in Australia, the equivalent of the DER in the

If you have any input to this review please email me. The first meeting
is on October 16th.



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