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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC-L:1373] Re: Wing spar problems - Stephens ...

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC-L:1373] Re: Wing spar problems - Stephens ...


Thread: [IAC-L:1373] Re: Wing spar problems - Stephens ...

Message: [IAC-L:1373] Re: Wing spar problems - Stephens Akro/Laser

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From: Hans Bok <hbok at>

Date: Thu, 16 Oct 1997 17:56:51 UTC


 Hello Tim,

I am sorry to hear about your wing problems.  One option is to replace it
with a wood wing.  A kit is available from Bill Scheunemann.  He builds the
One Design wings and wing kits.  I have seen his workmanship and it is
impeccable.  He has a Laser/Stephans wing available with the symmetrical
airfoil (0015 at the root tapering to 0012 at the tip).  The ailerons are
extended 2 bays inward and uses displaced hinges.  The wing was designed by
Dan Rihn and is stressed for 10G's (I am not sure for what weight).  It is
very similar to the wing I have on my Laser and it flies very nicely.  You
can expect roll rates between 300 to 360 degrees per second.  You can reach
him at bills at

Good luck,


At 04:33 PM 10/15/97 -0500, you wrote:
>I am the proud owner of a Stephens Akro Model Z/ Laser. My wing spar has
>terminal crack problems. The good news is that I found out whilst on the
>ground rather than in the air. If anyone has any thoughts on getting a
>replacement, either already built or having one built specially please
>contact me. I have already tried Zivko, but they suggested I buy a new
>aeroplane which wasn't very helpful !
>Tim Shears
>100525.3667 at
>+441628638738 Phone
>+441189724361 Fax


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