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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC-L:1438] Pitts book: possible reprinting

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC-L:1438] Pitts book: possible reprinting


Thread: [IAC-L:1438] Pitts book: possible reprinting

Message: [IAC-L:1438] Pitts book: possible reprinting

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From: Steve Pennypacker <spenny at>

Date: Mon, 20 Oct 1997 14:33:23 UTC


 For the numerous people who, like myself, have been trying to get a copy of
"Pitts Specials," here is an update from Budd Davisson.  I have just called
the editor to make my request, and I suggest that you do as well.  The more
calls they get, the better our chances of finally getting hold of the book
(and even getting it updated).

-Steve Pennypacker

>>At 06:20 AM 10/20/97 -0700, you wrote:
>>>Motorbooks and I are int he very early phases of re-doing the book
>>>including adding a new section on new Pitts (Super Stinker, Macho Stinker,
>>>etc) but it won't be out for a year or so. Just keep your ear to the ground
>>>and your eyes on the heavens.
>>>Why don't you forward your comments to Motorbooks (Zenith publishing).
>>>Their ads are running in most magazines. Maybe that way they'll put more
>>>fire behind this project.

And a followup message:

>Yeah, go ahead and send that to IAC, but I'd like to also include a name at
>Motorbooks they could contact to build a fire under them. The more requests
>they get, the faster they'll act. The contact is:
> Michael Haenggi, Commissioning Editor
>729 Prospect Ave
>Box 1
>Osceola, WI  54020
>(715) 294-3345
>FAX 294-4448
>I don't have an e-mail address for them. If they're smart, they have a web
>site and could be contacted through that. >


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