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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC-L:1612] SAFE AEROBATICS




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From: "Robert B. Johnson" <BJohnsonF16 at>

Date: Wed, 29 Oct 1997 14:57:31 UTC


 Over the last couple of days I have read about many of your concerns as to
the safeness of aerobatics. This dialoge is understandable in light of the
loss of two of the brightest stars in a week.  However, if you have read
any of our safe aerobatics and mishap data articles in Sport Aerobatics,
you will find two common threads among all of the mishaps we report; 1)
There was not a "?" as to the cause.  We knew what caused it;   and 2)
These mishaps were at least in part, avoidable.  First, there really aren't
any  twilight zone gremlins that apear from thin air to claim an aircraft. 
I have reviewed every aerobatic mishap since before 1970 and every one had
a understandable cause.  Second, every cause had a point where a human (not
necessarly the pilot) could have stoped the sequence leading to the mishap.
 If you want to know how safe aerobatics is, look in the MIRROR. 
Aerobatics is as safe as YOU make it.  It can be very very dangerous if you
don't head the three cannons: Plan your flight and fly your plan, Be
properly trained, and Fly a properly maintained aircraft.  It's up to us,
and please BE your brothers keeper.  If a friend appears to be taking a
trip on the "Dark side" YOU bring them back.  As I have said before, "I
would rather loose a friend because I said STOP IT, than loose a friend in
an accident."

So, when I'm asked if aerobatics is safe, I respond; "YES, and let me tell
you wh...................

Bruce Johnson


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