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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC-L:1626] Cajun Rebel Regional


Thread: [IAC-L:1626] Cajun Rebel Regional

Message: [IAC-L:1626] Cajun Rebel Regional

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From: Don Peterson <autotech at>

Date: Thu, 30 Oct 1997 02:51:12 UTC


 I returned from my trip and found no post on the above excellent contest!  Alas, you all 
missed a very good time.  A bit late, here is a brief and unofficial report.

Grenada, Ms is a new site found by two small, but enthusiastic chapters.  Chuck Alley 
hoodwinked Bubba Vidrine into co-sponsoring the event.  Fortunately, they also found an 
energetic helper from Memphis (ohhhh,  I forgot her name, but she made it all happen.  
Sheila? I think - I'll get roasted for this).

Grenada looks to be an old military field, with requisite triangle runways and 
positively monstrous wooden hangar.  I want this hangar in my backyard!  So big it 
should have its own weather station!

I have always wondered why there are not more contests down here in October.  It is 
clearly the best flying weather of the year.  In this case, temps were in the 60's, viz 
was so clear the blue hurt the eyes.  Very few clouds, and all were above 5k.  Wind was 
typically 6 kts or less.  These conditions prevailed from somewhere around Arizona to at 
least Charlotte, NC and up to Chicago.  We finished all flying by early afternoon 
SAturday, and had a short post-contest lump-fest.

The largest field was sportsman, with a dozen or so.  I think we had 3 basics, but it 
might have been 5.  Rick Hernandez still gets the highest marks for good noise with his 
geared engine Studebaker, er Staudacher.

Intermediate was a good field, with 5 or 6.  Good pilots flying neat airplanes.  I think 
we had 3 acrosports on the field, plus a skybolt, Starduster, and an acroduster 1.  A 
picture of the group would have looked like it was taken in the 70's.

Advanced was a miracle.  Not that Dave K. and I were the only entrants in our Zlin.  The 
miracle was that Bubba confirmed his reputation as a madman by flying his 150HP, fixed 
pitch Decathlon in Advanced.  Without ever having even flown the known, or our 
freestyle, which he borrowed, and which was designed to take advantage of the 6 
cylinders in the Zlin.

Bubba was already my friend.  He is now my hero.  As I recall, he scored somewhere in 
the 60's, even after posting zeros for the hammer head with 3/4 roll up and goldfish, 
due to turning the wrong way!  The maneuvers themselves were darn good, particularly the 
gold fish.  He flew the known with only one break, to gain speed before the outside half 
cuban.  I think he flew our free with no breaks!  It was actually a close call in the 
unknown, which didn't require so much power as the ability to fly several inverted turns 
and rollers, which his Decathlon does superbly.

If there is any question, I am a big fan of flying underclassed airplanes in tough 
categories.  It provides plenty of excuses for not winning, and frees you up to have a 
roaring good time.  I believe Bubba is a convert to the idea.  Of course, his third 
place trophy acceptance speech began something like...   "Hi, my name is Bubba.  I am  
an...."  at which point he figured out where he was and started over.

We had a half dozen airscouts come down from Tennessee to help judge and stuff.  This 
was a great plan, and I encourage other organizers to seek them out.  Super kids!

I think this contest could happen again next year.  I hope to go.  Great weather and 
good attitudes are a big draw for me!

Don Peterson
Midlothian, Tx.


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