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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC-L:1657] Re: Boxes in General

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC-L:1657] Re: Boxes in General


Thread: [IAC-L:1657] Re: Boxes in General

Message: [IAC-L:1657] Re: Boxes in General

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From: ultimate at (

Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 19:39:38 UTC


 Steve Pennypacker wrote:
> >What we have here is almost exactly what Patty described and we protect
> >it zealously by following the provisions of the waiver and by practicing
> >courtesy towards our fellow non-acro pilots and our quickly encroaching
> >residential neighbors.  However, our neighbors, having moved near the
> >airport within the last year, hate the airplane noise. They've learned
> >that the FAA can't stop noise so they found out about the FAR's and now
> >they call and make false reports about us flying over their houses
> >performing aerobatics - patently untrue.  I decided that there must be
> Is it possible that this is a matter of perception?  A neighbor might
> consider a plane viewed at a 45 degree angle from their deck as "flying over
> my house", whereas the pilot flying in the box sees the house as half a mile
> away, well outside of the box.

Yep, that's exactly the case.  But the waiver holder, the FSDO boss, and
the president of the airport property owner's association met with them
and they were educated and we offered to take them for rides to show
them and we gave them a number to call here at the airport.  We have met
with them and defined all the parameters.  The waiver holder even stood
watch on the corner and talked to the complainant on her mobile phone
while she was complaining about the airplane being "over her house"
though it was not at all - just as you have suggested.  

> >some statute against the capricious and petty use of a federal agency to
> >carry out a personal vendetta through the use of false statements.
> >Consequently, I e-mailed one of my Senators, Kay Baily Hutchison, to
> >find the statute for me.  The senator's office e-mailed back and said I
> >would be responded to, though I haven't heard yet.  Does anyone know
> >about such a statute?
> I would suggest that trying to work this out with the neighbors would be a
> whole lot more beneficial (although maybe more difficult up front) to you in
> the long run than fighting them with legalities.
> -Steve

We have - the voice of reason has been tried as noted above.  It just
doesn't work.  I'm no conspiratorialist, but there is evidence that the
developer and the residential homeowner's association over there have an
ongoing campaign in place to eliminate us.   And while no one here has
ever been violated yet, we have had to respond at least 1/2 dozen times
to false complaints.  The FSDO rep is great and supports us, but they'll
get tired of it someday.  

We have to be active rather than passive, as Patty suggested, to get and
keep our boxes.

And by the way, this airport and this aerobatic box have both been here
since before 1980.  Gene Soucy originally held the waiver up 'til about
1990 and then Averille Dawson has held it ever since.

I am one of the monitors allowed to open the box and I'm tired of
harassment on the false sayso of someone merely irritated by airplane
noise.  We won't bother to pay any legal fees and we won't ever sue over
it (and neither will they) but if I can get the statute and the attorney
general to issue a letter about the statue, I'll send it to the
homeowner's group and I might even file a notice against their deeds at
the county courthouse or on the entire plat over there.  

Admittedly, this will give me some pleasure but it also might let some
potential homeowners know that an airport is here before they talk
seriously about buying from the developer.

Thanks for your post - it is well stated and sensible.  But we've moved
past the passive stage, I'm afraid.

Daryle L. Grounds, CPA	
Chapters 24 & 25
Dallas/Ft. Worth and Houston, TX


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