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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC] Decathalon Acro Harness


Thread: [IAC] Decathalon Acro Harness

Message: [IAC] Decathalon Acro Harness

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From: Norman Brudigam <norm at>

Date: Sat, 22 Nov 1997 05:59:56 UTC


  Hi all,
I have a 1975 Decathalon with the stock acro harness (a 5 point that
straps you down to the seat frame) PLUS the standard lap seat belt with
shoulder strap (a 3 point that keeps you from going out the wind
screen).  Thats a lot of straps to undo if you have to make an untimely
I want to trash the stock system and buy a new Hooker Harness and I am
wondering if anyone has experience with these in a Decathalon. They sell
2 types:
     1) A 5 point without ratcket ($175), called a "Sportsman" I think.
    2)  A 7 point with ratchet ($300)
I am wondering if the 5 point is good enough or if a 7 point with rachet
would be a good idea.  It seems like the 7 point might be overkill for a
Decathalon. Any experience or thoughts out there???????

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