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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC] Batteries


Thread: [IAC] Batteries

Message: Re: [IAC] Batteries

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From: MDSkaggs at

Date: Mon, 01 Dec 1997 02:53:30 UTC


  I'll bet they dont have a Johnson Controls "dynasty" battery for an S2B. The
kit from Aviat to convert to Gill is $250 or so. I sold aircraft parts for 3
years and I never heard of a Dynasty till I got a B. Also, anyone putting in
bungees can email me for a way to do the whole job in 20 minutes (not
including dismantling the cowl and draining the fuel). Do not attempt it if
you dont have a bungee tool or you will dismember or kill yourself. Also, if
you are on the market for an aerobatic airplane, buy a single seater. The
novelty of giving rides wears off fast. You will pass the level of flying
that will make everyone else sick in about two weeks.


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