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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC] Visio stuff


Thread: [IAC] Visio stuff

Message: Re: [IAC] Visio stuff

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From: reniska at (Kim Reniska)

Date: Wed, 03 Dec 1997 15:32:36 UTC


  A little clarification - 
        The instructions that Lois gave below are for PC users running
        From the Helpers screen you must press "Create New type". Then it
        prompts you for the Mime Type and Mime SubType.  For the Mime Type
        enter application. For the Mime Subtype enter x-visio.  
        I did not have to put in any file extensions. I just set the "Launch
        the Application" toggle button and entered the application in the next
        field. It is probably easiest to use the "Browse..." button to find 
        your Visio appliation.

        If you have Internet Explorer.
        From the menu item "View" at the top, select "Options". Then click on
        the tab titled "File Types".
        My browser already had "VISIO 4 Drawing". It has extensions VSD VSS VST
        and VSW. If you do not see VISIO in the list, you can add it with the
        "New Type..." button. In the "Content Type" field enter

        If you have AOL's web browser, I don't think you automatically start


Lois Rose writes:
 > If you are using Netscape, select Options at the top of the screen. From 
 > there choose General Preferences, then Helpers. The Helpers screen 
 > allows you to define file extensions and relate them to programs which 
 > will run them. The file extensions for Visio seem to be vsd, vss and 
 > vst. You will have to determine the exact path name which executes the 
 > Viso start up on your pc and enter that in the box below Launch the 
 > Application (make sure that box is checked.)
 > >
 > >If anybody out there with a PC and Visio can figure out how to
 > >make it work, please post it to the list.
 > >
 > >Sorry I can't be of more help.
 > >
 > >Guenther
 > >
 > >
 > >------- Forwarded Message
 > >
 > >Date:    Tue, 02 Dec 1997 22:58:00 -0500
 > >From:    Kathron at
 > >To:      iac at
 > >Subject: Re: [IAC] Knowns in visio
 > >
 > >In a message dated 97-12-02 13:48:10 EST, you write:
 > >
 > ><< I have put the knowns on-line in Visio format.  The files will
 > > be transferred with a content type of:
 > > Content-Type: application/x-visio
 > > 
 > > If you have Visio, you can setup your browser so that it
 > > automatically launches visio.  If you don't, then the file will
 > > be transferred as a binary file and stored on your local disk. >>
 > >
 > >
 > >Dear Guenther, 
 > >I'm replying to the group in hopes that I'm not the only one who 
 > doesn't
 > >understand these instructions. 
 > >
 > >Yes, I have Visio & want to be able to do this but...."ER???????" 
 > >
 > >Thanks, 
 > >Kathy Straub
 > >
 > >
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