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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC] Tragedy in Big Sky


Thread: [IAC] Tragedy in Big Sky

Message: [IAC] Tragedy in Big Sky

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From: Klein Gilhousen <kleing at>

Date: Mon, 08 Dec 1997 19:00:47 UTC


  It's my sad duty to report that, Jim Gier, the President of our new IAC
Chapter 110, the Big Sky Chapter, was fatally injured yesterday, Dec 7, in
a mid-air collision near Bozeman's Gallatin Field.  Details are a bit
sketchy at this time but here's what I know right now.  The accident
happened about 3pm about 7 miles east of the airport in clear sky, no wind
conditions.  Jim's S2B collided with a Cessna of still unknown type (they
haven't found enough pieces yet to figure it out) with two on board.  All
three persons were fatally injured.  According to eyewitness reports, the
S2B was in a turn when the collision happened.  Which way the aircraft were
headed or possible traffic advisories issued by Bozeman Unicom are unknown
by me at this time.  The accident debris was scattered over a 360 acre area
missing the nearby homes.

Jim will be greatly missed by all of the flying community here in Bozeman.
He was the person who made the dream of a Bozeman IAC Chapter come alive
with his dogged persistence in making it happen.  

Right now I'm just too stunned to say anymore.

Klein Gilhousen
Big Sky Chapter 110
Yak-54 N14026


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