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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC] IAC 88, Judges Review Session

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC] IAC 88, Judges Review Session


Thread: [IAC] IAC 88, Judges Review Session

Message: [IAC] IAC 88, Judges Review Session

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From: "King, John" <John_King at>

Date: Sat, 13 Dec 1997 19:57:16 UTC


I want to extend a big cheer for Chapter 88 for their idea of a "Judges
Review Session" at the beginning of each meeting.  It is a great idea and
will no doubt help improve the quality and consistency of those judges who

I hope other chapters will do the same at their meetings or perhaps on 
the practice day before their contests.

Please don't take this as a backhanded complaint about judging quality, 
it is not.  I just think anything  we can do to share judging knowledge
and skills is good for the sport.

Happy Holidays,

John King, IAC 85, National Judge

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From:	Anna Wood & Len Rulason, INTERNET:awood at
TO:	IAC Mail List, INTERNET:iac at
DATE:	12/13/97 12:37 AM

RE:	[IAC] IAC Chapter 88, 1998 Event Update

Well folks, no sooner than I post our chapters 1998 event calendar, do I
need to make updates to it.

This year, at our Michigan Aerobatic Championship, ...

The CAN-AM Aerobatic Championship, ...

Something new we are going to be doing this year before our chapter
meetings is a IAC Red Book / Judging Review Session. Guy Juntunen will
be leading the discussion. The goal is to provide a forum for review and
discussion of the finer points of judging and flying the figures. The
first session was held at our November meeting and was well received.
Our next session will be before our January meeting.

Please join us at one of our events,

Anna Wood
Internet Communications
IAC Chapter 88


January 17:
9:00 am: IAC Red Book / Judging Review Session
10:00 am: Monthly Chapter Meeting
Livingston County Airport, Terminal Building
Howell, Michigan


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