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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC] Re: 1998 Events

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC] Re: 1998 Events


Thread: [IAC] Re: 1998 Events

Message: Re: [IAC] Re: 1998 Events

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From: "Dr. Guenther Eichhorn" <gei at>

Date: Sun, 14 Dec 1997 01:10:57 UTC



I have the dates on the web site at:

in the section [Contest and Patch Information]:

JULY 13-17, 1998 - FOND DU LAC, WI (FLD)
International Aerobatics Championships.

SEPTEMBER 7-11, 1998 - DENISON, TX (F39)
U.S. National. Contest Director: Glenn Frick.

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In message <c8216a7c.34931ac2 at>, KAHmarvel writes:
>Howdy All,
>Can someone tell me the exact dates of the IAC Championships(Fond du Lac)
>and the US Nationals for 1998?
>Kirk Hansen  Yak55M
>KAHmarvel at


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