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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC] Fly the Alternate Known, Free Break, or ...


Thread: [IAC] Fly the Alternate Known, Free Break, or ...

Message: [IAC] Fly the Alternate Known, Free Break, or Regular Known ??

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From: Kurt Otto Haukohl <TwoWing6 at>

Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 00:57:17 UTC


  Pilots, Judges & Especially Chief Judges:

Here is one new  "WHAT IF?" for the 1998 contest year.   

The first competitor launches and hits the clouds at 2900 feet, breaks
off and lands.   Now what do you do as a contest official?  Pilot?

* Propose a break to the known?
* Immediately launch into the Alternate Knowns?

Savvy competitors want to know how to plan their starting
line debates in advance.   Could one argue to get a free
break in the known rather than switch to the alternate known?
Are there any criteria for which known, is chosen, or more
practically, which category could fly?  .... and if so which program?
HELP.  Remember those long debates about where to put a free break
that rage on until nobody can fly, and we end up just waiting out the weather?

What; if any are going to be the hard guidelines for flying each
category under what level of ceiling?  If cloud base is say 3500 feet,
and you must therefore start at 3000 feet, is this enough room
for  a sportsman known?  OR perhaps it is time a sportsman alternate?
Will the new RED BOOK rules spell out these criteria?  If so, what 
will they say?

Inquiring minds and practicing pilots need to know.
What is the new RED BOOK plan for these changes?

Kurt Haukohl


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