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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC] Responses by ICAS Pres. to FAQ's


Thread: [IAC] Responses by ICAS Pres. to FAQ's

Message: [IAC] Responses by ICAS Pres. to FAQ's

Follow-Up To: ACRO Email list (for List Members only)

From: Coderman <Coderman at>

Date: Wed, 08 Apr 1998 20:32:27 UTC


  Hi all --
John Cudahy, ICAS Pres., has kindly offered to field questions from the IAC
forum. He is in the process of joining our list. In the meantime here is a
copy of a response to several questions posed by "N606SU". He may be reached
by e-mail directly at:    Cudahy at
Bill Kaercher (coderman at
Let me offer a general answer first.  The kinds of questions that you are
asking are precisely the kind of details that have not yet been completely
decided.  So please understand that the specific answers I give you here may
change before the program is finalized and approved by the ICAS Board of
Directors, the FAA, and Transport Canada.  These answers reflect the current
state of our discussions.

Also, I want to remind you and anybody else that reads this message that the
four critiqued practice sessions are only required of performers wishing to
move from a Level Two (250 feet) to a Level I (surface) card.  Otherwise, the
only thing that is needed is a minimum (which varies) number of shows at each
altitude and a flight evaluation by a qualified ACE.

Finally, because this issue has been communicated so poorly from our office, I
want to reemphasize something that I mentioned in my earlier messages: Any
pilot wishing to requalify at the same altitude from one year to the next can
always do so by conducting a single flight evaluation for a qualified ACE.  We
do have a system whereby a pilot can requalify without a flight evaluation.
With the most recent series of proposed changes, that system will once again
include IAC Competitions, and a certain number of performances at a certain
number of different air show sites.  But, in many cases, the easiest and most
uncomplicated method to renew will be to have a flight evaluation by an ACE.

<<What exactly qualifies for a critiquing practice session? Does an IAC judge
critiquer watching a pilot fly and critiquing his unlimited free sequence
qualify or does the session have to critique the airshow act.

A critique session must be critiqued by an ICAS ACE.  The ACE will ask and
expect you to fly your air show sequence, not your competition sequence.

Who qualifies as a critiquer?

Only ICAS ACEs are qualified to critique.

Is there a mimimum length of time for a critiqued practice?

No, it is expected that you will fly your air show sequence during the
critique.  If your air show sequence is seven minutes long, that would be your

My plane only carries 25 minutes of gas and my normal flight is less than 15
minutes. Can I fly three critiquing sessions in one day or is this practice
requirement by date. 

If frequent repetition during a single day does not degrade the quality of
your performance or the ability of the ACE to accurately gauge the quality of
your flying skills during your air show sequence, you can fly all four
critiquing sessions in one day. 

I would normally go to the box with an IAC national judge and fly 2 or 3
flights in an afternoon. Is this a single critiquing session or three ??
You could do the same thing with an ICAS ACE and it would count as 2 or 3

Also what sort of evidence does ICAS want to show that a performer flew an air
show or participated in a critiqued practice session?

To document your participation at an air show, ICAS would like to see an air
show program or photocopy of any air show program.  ICAS will be producing a
separate form for documenting critiqued practices and will distribute these
forms to our ACEs.

Thanks for the help. I think you guys do a tough job remarkably well.

Thanks for the questions.  As soon as the most recent series of changes are
approved by our Board of Directors (within the next week or two, I expect),
we'll be working hard to publicize the specifics of the program.  Questions
like yours will help us concentrate our efforts on the areas that seem to be
generating the most questions.

Thanks also for the good words.  We've made some mistakes, but I think the
newest set of changes will be well-received.  Of course, there will always be
some folks who don't like any change.  And there may well be some performers
who struggle to comply with our new requirements. But they were arrived at
fairly and discussed at length.  

Please don't hesitate to let me know if I can be of further help or if I can
answer any more questions.

John Cudahy
President, International Council of Air Shows


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