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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC] Giles 202


Thread: [IAC] Giles 202

Message: [IAC] Giles 202

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From: "WILLIAM B. FINAGIN" <WFinagin at>

Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 03:14:04 UTC


Several inquires about what a Giles 202 kit looks like, how
difficult is it to put together and other questions may , in part , be
answered by a display photo of the components placed next to each other on
the ground.  This will show quite clearly as an example  how the spar is
already mated to the wing skin and the "rib formers" are already attached
into place,and how the fuselage is constructed for further fabrication.. 
To those of you who have expressed interest in the kit, or those who might
like to learn more about this Aircraft , please contact me.  I will provide
you with photos of the demonstration aircraft which is now available at my
hangar, the "exploded" view of the kit and any other information you care
to have.
        All of the people who have taken a "demo" ride have been very
impressed with the performance as well as the smoothness of handling. 
Responses have been either an "unbelievable!" or an "incredible!".  Yours
may be even more exciting.
        If you have an interest in seeing the aircraft, the kit under
construction or just ordering one for yourself, or the photos give me a
jingle at 410 956 0047.

                                Bill Finagin
                                Authorized AcroTech Dealer


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