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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC] flying


Thread: [IAC] flying

Message: Re: [IAC] flying

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From: Planedancr at

Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 19:35:32 UTC


  In a message dated 08/30/1999 1:50:01 PM Central Daylight Time, 
jvance at writes:

<< My point is, we all share the same love and passion.  Reading the posts
 here, since I have subscribed to it has rather amazed me.  Conflicting
 ideas is one thing, and most can be worked out in some form or another.
 Sniping each other and flame wars are, or should be, beneath the dignity
 of accomplished aviators such as yourselves.  >>

I couldn't agree more, Jim.  This is a very passionate and opinionated group. 
 Snipes aside, the majority of the listers here are great and have been a 
great source of encouragement to me.  I'm a student pilot who loves 
aerobatics, but I don't plan to compete.  I do like to be involved at the 
contests, and there will always be a need for volunteers who don't compete to 
help out.  It's an exciting environment that has led me into judging.  You 
don't have to be a pilot or competitor to become a judge, and it is great 
fun.  I highly recommend it.  

Also, try to attend some of the competitions and get to know some of the 
listers in your area - most are eager to help out the "newbies" or just 
hangar fly.



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