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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC] flying


Thread: [IAC] flying

Message: Re: [IAC] flying

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From: "Dennis N. Yugo" <dyugo at>

Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 00:33:27 UTC



This mailing list is not the REAL IAC.

Find your local chapter, attend and volunteer at some contests or practice 
sessions. That's where the real grass-roots IAC is.

For example, when I was thinking of buying a Pitts many years ago, I drove 
to the Delano, CA contest to investigate.  While just wandering around and 
asking stupid questions I met Wayne Handley, three-time (I think) 
California Champion and air show star. I was concerned about whether 
someone my size could fit in an S-1S, and he told me that his Pitts was in 
the hangar over yonder and I could try it on for size, whenever I felt like 
it, whether he was there or not. I thought that was a pretty generous offer 
to make to a total stranger. (I thought it was too small for me, so I 
bought an S-2A, only to sell it and buy an S-1S a few years later. I guess 
I grew less particular about comfort.)

I wrote a piece about another incident for Sport Aerobatics a few years 
ago, an expanded version of which is on my web site at
It's a bit long; I hope it's worth it.

Dennis Yugo


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