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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [ACRO] AWAC aircraft


Thread: [ACRO] AWAC aircraft

Message: Re: [ACRO] AWAC aircraft

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From: Bubba Vidrine <bubba230 at>

Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2001 15:17:06 UTC


Sell your pitts and buy an edge 540. Call a junkyard and find an Aztec motor.
Send it to Monty-Lynn(Barrett). Have him inspect it, put a pressure carb on it and then
dyno it and give you the run sheet. This would be a very competitive
airplane. Don't get to wound up over the rules. By all means sell your pitts!

Akrosmith at wrote:

> Does this also include the radial engine modifications? Seems that the M-14
> (which is 350 hp) has several mods that can pump it's power too, not to
> mention prop configurations.
> Looks like entire program is designed for the Euro aircraft and not the U.S.
> aircraft. In my e-mails to you (Mr. Cassidy), you wrote that the engine
> builder should record power readings during test runs (dyno runs) and that
> the paperwork should be brought to contests to prove elegibility.
> Now you prefer government owned test lab numbers.
> Do the round engine aircraft have the same requirements? I am totally
> confused by this whole process of determining what does and does not qualify.
> I have been re-building a wrecked S-1-11B with the hope of flying it in AWAC.
> I have e-mailed you regarding my plan. My engine will be tested to the
> factory numbers at less than 260 hp. I fear I am re-building this aircraft
> for AWAC in vain. I know the FAI rule book lists this aircraft as one that
> does not qualify, but you said it was because the S-1-11B's usually had 300hp
> plus and to keep my engine less than 260hp.
> Will I have a chance to fly AWAC?
> Maybe I should sell this Pitts and buy a Yak 55M.
> Respectfully,
> Mike W.
> akrosmith
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