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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [IAC] California Championships


Thread: [IAC] California Championships

Message: [IAC] California Championships

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From: Sunrise Aviation <mc at>

Date: Fri, 08 Oct 1999 19:52:17 UTC


  <fontfamily><param>New_York</param>At October's Borrego Akrofest,
Chapter 36 instituted a new procedure: once the contest results were
known, it was possible to tabulate and announce the winners of the 1999
California Points Series, a Championship Series originally created by
the Los Angeles Aerobatic Club. Winners were computed based on best
performance at a minimum of three California contests.

Unfortunately, in our haste to complete calculations and get the
results to Saturday's banquet, we screwed up classically and got the
Advanced winners wrong. In doing so, we deprived Steve Cummings, Bob
Blackwood and Bill Bancroft of their rightful recognition as 1st, 2nd
and 3rd place winners. 

Here is the corrected version

1999 California Points Series Champions


Steve Andelin (Chap 49)

Tom Wade (Chap 36)

Jon Nash (Chap 36) 


Steve Cummings (Chap 36)

Bob Blackwood (Chap 85)

Bill Bancroft (Chap 36)


Harry Haas (Chap 26)

Gil Tellier (Chap 49)

Jim Peeples (Chap 36)


Keith Leedom (Chap 36)

Paul Eberle (Chap 49)

Michael Church

Newsletter Editor, Chapter 36



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