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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Fwd: [IAC] Motor Oil Storage


Thread: Fwd: [IAC] Motor Oil Storage

Message: Fwd: [IAC] Motor Oil Storage

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Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 05:17:32 UTC


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  I have never seen 'new' oil go 'bad' in a sealed container.
  There could be some settling of additives, depending on the type of oil.
  Shake it up to remix any additives if it is not not straight mineral oil
  Pour some into a clean glass container and look at it. If it is milkey or 
  not look right, then don't use it.
  It is million's of years old already, a few more yrs should not hurt.
 On the response that said he had oil varnish inside a new engine.
 The factory test runs all engines and I expect any varnish inside is from 
test run.  
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